Buy IC 7442 BCD to Decimal Decoder

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7442 is a BCD to Decimal Decoder IC. For Bulk Inquiry, get in touch with us for wholesale price.


  • The 7442 is a BCD to Decimal Decoder pin compatible with low power Schottky TTL (LSTTL). This decoder accepts four active high BCD inputs and provides 10 mutually exclusive active low outputs. The active low outputs facilitate addressing other MSI circuits with active low input enables.
  • The logic design of the 42 series ensures that all outputs are high when binary codes greater than nine are applied to the inputs. The most significant input (A3) produces an useful inhibit function when the 42 series is used as a 1-of-8 decoder. The A3 input can also be used as the data input in an 8-output demultiplexer application.
  • Mutually exclusive outputs; 1-of-8 Demultiplexing capability; Outputs disabled for input codes above nine; Standard output capability.
  • Logic Family / Base Number: 74HC42; Logic Type: BCD to Decimal Decoder; No. of Outputs: 10 Outputs; No. of Pins: 16Pins; Supply Voltage: 2V – 6V; Logic IC Base Number: 7442;


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