Buy IC 7447 (74LS47) BCD to 7-segment Decoder/Driver

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7447 (74LS47) BCD to 7-segment Decoder/Driver. For Bulk Inquiry, get in touch with us for wholesale price.

The 74LS47 accepts four lines of BCD input data, generates their complements internally and decodes the data with secen AND/OR gates having open-collector outputs to drive indicator segments directly. Each segment output is guaranteed to sink 24mA in ON (low) state and withstand 15V in the OFF (high) state with a maximum leakage curent of 250uA. Auxiliary inputs provided blanking, lamp test and cascadable zero-suppression functions.

7447 IC comes with different manufacturers due to that reason any 7447 IC (different series) will be shipped dependent upon the Stock availability. The same would be informed to the customer before delivering the order as a part of our 100% Transparent Policy.

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