Buy FAN7392 High and Low-Side Gate-Drive IC DIP-14 Package


The FAN7392 is a rnonolithic high- and low-sde gate drive IC that can drive high-speed MOSFETs and IGBTs that operate up to +600V. It has a buffered output stage with all NMOS transistors designed for high pulse current driving capability and minimum cross-conduction. Fairch- ild’s high-voltage process and cornnwl-rnode noise can- celing techniques provide stable operation of the high- side driver under high dv/dt noise circumstances. An *Ivanced level-shift circuit offers high-side gate driver operation up to Vs=-9.8V (typical) for VBS=15V. Logic inputs are compatible with standard CMOS or LSTTL output. down to 3.3V logic The I-JVLO circuit prevents malfunction when VCC and VBS are lower than the speci- fied threshold voltage. The high-current and low-output vol* drop feature makes this device suitable for half- and full-bridge inverters, like power Sup- r DC-DC converter applications.

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